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Current Weather: Our Home, Beltsville, MD. USA.
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Wedding  Click here for pics from Beth and Andrew's wedding ceremony, rehearsal dinner and shower.

Hanoi beauty Pics of our recent travels to Vietnam and Cambodia.

Light Beam Pics of some recent photography outings.

Light Beam Pics of slot canyons and landscapes near Page, AZ.

Photos on Smugmug  Smugmug Site  Canopy Tower in Panama  Panama Pics Photos of Holland  Netherland & Belgium Pics

Photos on Pbase Our Pbase website Here.

Daniel website Ricky, Stephanie, Derek & Evelyn Daniel website with lots of kid pics Here.

Allgood-Brown Website Andrew, Beth & Katie Brown website with lots of Katie pics Here.

GHS reunion GHS All School Reunion, Kinston, NC Here

Travel, Birds & Birding:

Crimson-breasted Shrike  Namibia - Birds, Animals, Sossusvlei, Scenes, and Friends - Nov., 2008.

Moon, Venus and Jupiter  Cape Town, South Africa - Birds, Animals, Scenes, and Friends - Nov., 2008.

Utah trip  Tour of Several National Parks in Utah and N Arizona - Sept 2008.

Pygmy Kingfisher  A week in Belize at Chan Chich and Lamanai Lodges - Jan. 2008.

Balanced Rock  Arches NP and scenes around Moab, UT - Dec. 2007.

Monument Valley  Monument Valley and Canyon de Chelly - Spring 2007.

Birds fake id cards on

China   A Birding Tour through Southern China with Don Messersmith - Spring 2007.

Black-bellied Whistling-Duck   Black-bellied Whistling-Duck in Montgomery Co. MD - 6/10/06.

Tree Swallow   Tree Swallows in flight - 5/20/06.

Vermilion Flycatcher   Birding and Sight-seeing in Arizona - Feb 12 - 22, 2006.

Galapagos group   Guests on Y/M Parranda for tour of Galapagos Islands - 9/3-11/05.

Frigitbird   Birds of Galapagos - 9/3-11/05.

Sea Lion   Animals of Galapagos - 9/3-11/05.

Sunset   The Beauty of Galapagos - 9/3-11/05.

Darwin Finch   Several Darwin Finches - 9/3-11/05.

Wren House   Carolyn Sturtevant's Neighborhood Nestwatch banded House Wren (Mr. Redlegs) and more.

BARC Bald Eagle     Banding the BARC Bald Eagle eaglets - 5/10/05.

Lark   Birding in South Africa (Zaagkuildrift, Kgomo-Kgomo and Rooiwal) with Dewald Swanepoel - Feb. 5, 2005.

Giraffe   South African animals - Feb 2005.

Drakensberg Mtn   South African travel pics - Feb 2005.

Kingfisher    Unprocessed pics of South African birds (first 1/2 of trip) - Feb. 2005.

Jack Ass Penguin   More unprocessed pics of South African birds (Cape Town) - Feb. 2005.

Zulu    Some interesting scenes from South Africa - Feb. 2005.

Bosque   Bosque del Apache, New Mexico. Sandhill Crane and Snow Geese pics taken 12/3-6/04.

Taos   Taos, New Mexico - 12/7-8/04.

Ornate Hawk-Eagle  Sights and birds of Peru (Amazon and Machu Picchu) with Don Messersmith - 7/04.

Bald Eagle Banding the offspring of the Bald Eagles shown below - 5/14/04.

Bald Eagle Bald Eagle courtship/mating ritual - 2/20/04.

chubby buhdda Thailand - 11/03:   Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Chiang Rai.

Black-crested Bulbul (Busy Bee) Birding in Thailand - 11/03:  Pics of birds, animals and butterflies.

Pics of Coopers Hawk devowering a Rock Pigeon - 12/24/03.    And, if you want to view nature in action,    click here for a 30 s movie of the above Coopers Hawk and Rock Pigeon.  It's a 4 meg AVI file, so download via dialup will take some time.

Rainbow Lorikeet Birding in Australia - many pics of birds, animals, places and people - 10/02.

Loggerhead Shrike Loons, Grebes, Ibis, Yellow-headed Blackbirds & more in Kansas - 4/03.

Laughing Gull Birding Bombay Hook, DE - 5/03.

Female Wood Duck Birding Huntley Meadows in Fairfax, VA - 3/03.

Bald Eagle Banding a Bald Eagle eaglet - 5/02.

            Click to view eaglet and bander IN THE NEST.   Pic by Steve Ausmus.

Ruddy Duck, male Pics of Bald Eagles and other birds at BARC - 3/03.

Ring-neck Duck Ruddy Ducks & Wood Ducks at BARC - 7/03.

Eastern Meadolark Pics of Eastern Meadowlark and Hooded Merganser at BARC - 3/03.

White-breasted Nuthatch Pics (many) of White-breasted Nuthatch nest building - 3/03.

Leica scope, Nikon 4500 camera, LCE adapterEquipment used to Digiscope birds - 2/04.

Adapter to digiscope with 10D Adapter to Digiscope with Canon 10D - 6/04.

Andean Cock-of-the-RockSlides on Digiscoping presented at Montgomery Bird Club (1meg PowerPoint file) - Oct. 20, 2004.
                 If you need a PowerPoint reader, click here.

Here's a good place to learn how to become a better photographer - Pro Photo fourm


PeachBeltsville Garden Club:  Peach Festival - 8/6/05.

Front view Views of the Bolts' yard in late summer - 8/04.

Harry Dewey Beltsville Garden Club:  Trip to Chanticleer Gardens - 6/04.

Spring Sale Beltsville Garden Club early spring sale - 4/04.

Brookside Gardens Beautiful Maryland in October: Brookside Gardens - 10/03.

Carnivorous plants - Nepenthes tobica - 8/03.

Arum - Amorphophallus titanum at US Botanic Garden - 7/24/03.

Helmut Jaehnigan Beltsville Garden Club:  Peach Festival - 8/03.

Beautiful yellow Beltsville Garden Club: Trip to Mt. Cuba - 4/03.

Pahp Rothshildanum x Virgo Some orchids in the kitchen window - 1/03.

The Bolts' back yard - 2002

Pics showing construction of backyard pond.

Hardy water lilyWater lily pics - Summer 2002.

Path lighting with snow at night Presidents' Day snow pics from Beltsville, MD - 2/03.


Beth Shower Beth's wedding shower - May 20, '07.

Easter Egg Redfern Family Reunion - Easter '06.

Baby Evelyn   Our new granddaughter, Evelyn Grace - born 04/21/07.

   Our new grandson, Derek Daniel - born 12/8/04.

  See many more pics of little Derek on Stephanie's website - July 05.

Fred Redfern Family Reunion - Easter '04.

met Stephanie gets "met" at the airport - Easter '04.

Maggie Aunt Maggie in costume - Easter '04.

GV Cook-out at Gene Vincent's - 4/04.

Stephanie Daniel's wedding Stephanie and Ricky Daniel wedding pics - 11/17/01.

Dewey Sutton a few years ago Richmond Reunion of Sutton Family - 10/03.

The missing sisters Redfern Family Easter party - 4/03.

Redfern bros. - Bill, Bud and Sam Redfern Family Oldies

Redfern Sisters plus one Redfern Family Easter party - 3/02.

Before Maryland played KU in NCAA Pat and Sug Gleeson at the farm - 3/02 & 4/03.


Red_Devil_Reunion  Click here for pics from the Red Devil 50th Reunion.

Malcolm Doying  Malcolm Doying Retires from Wild Bird Center in Bowie - 6/14/06.
With a fast connection, you can click here to download a slideshow of images from the party - it's an 8 meg exe file.

Larry Wood Larry Wood retires from ARS - 5/13/06.

Anne Swan Visit of Anne Swan and Peter Bradfield - March 2004.

Wall hanging A few pics from Kona, HI, including rehearsal & dinner at Barry's - 11/03.

Grainger High School Reunion, class of '58 Grainger High School Reunion, class of '58 - 10/03.

Marie and Elizabeth at piano - 10/03 Elizabeth Drake and Marie at piano - 10/03.

Charles and Kay Lewis visit Visit to Beaufort, NC with Charles and Kay Lewis - 10/03.

Len and Pat Smith's home Len and Pat Smith's home - 10/03.

Guy and Doug in front of Aggie Lounge Guy and Doris Kiracofe - 3/02.

Dick, Phyllis and Winston Wehling Dinner with Dick and Phyllis Wehling - 4/03.

Bunny LaCour Literacy Council Prince George's County - class and holiday party - 1/03.

PG County Literacy Council Literacy Council Prince George's County - Banquet - 7/03.

Vern Pursel, retirement is good! Vern Pursel's retirement party - 5/02.

Bruce Cooper, happy to go Bruce Cooper's retirement party - 1/03.

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